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Root Beer

Contrary to popular belief, Root Beer is not an alcoholic beverage.
It is a sweet, carbonated, non-alcoholic drink. Historically, root beer was made from extracts from the root bark of the sassafras tree, which is where the term root comes from.
This extract, which has been replaced by flavorings in modern times, gave root beer its distinctive taste and made it a beloved drink in America.
Traditionally, root beer is best enjoyed as a Root Beer Float. Simply add a few scoops of vanilla ice cream to a glass, pour in chilled root beer, and top with whipped cream.

C.M.C. The Food Company<sup>®</sup> Root Beer product by C.M.C. The Food Company -Wer beim Begriff „Root Beer¨ an ein alkoholisches Getränk denkt, liegt falsch.

Cream Soda

E. M. Sheldon is credited with first describing Cream Soda in a recipe in 1852 as a drink made from soda water, egg, and cream. Over time, the recipe was modified and improved until the famous C.M.C. Cream Soda was created. The cooled drink is reminiscent of creamy vanilla ice cream and Sheldon would have sighed with pleasure if he knew what had developed from his recipe.

C.M.C. The Food Company<sup>®</sup> Cream Soda product by C.M.C. The Food Company - 1852 beschrieb E.M. Sheldon Cream Soda erstmalig in einem Rezept als ein Getränk aus Soda-Wasser, Ei und Sahne.

Macaroni & Cheese

Macaroni & Cheese represents American comfort food at its finest, with its creamy sauce and delicious noodles making it a quick and satisfying meal. This classic dish is easy to prepare and loved by the entire family.

C.M.C. The Food Company<sup>®</sup> Macaroni Cheese product by C.M.C. The Food Company - Macaroni & Cheese steht für amerikanischen Wohlfühl-Genuss im Handumdrehen

Maple Syrup

Pure maple syrup is one of the finest products that Canada's nature has to offer. Every spring, there is a brief window for harvesting, during which 40 liters of sap from the sugar maple tree are boiled down to produce one liter of maple syrup. This syrup is 100% natural and is characterized by its bright golden color and caramel flavor.
Maple syrup is perfect for enhancing pancakes, yogurt, milkshakes, cereal, and other desserts. It also gives heartier dishes such as salmon a distinctive, subtle maple flavor.

C.M.C. The Food Company<sup>®</sup> Marple Syrup product by C.M.C. The Food Company - Reiner Ahornsirup gehört zum Besten, was Kanadas Natur zu bieten hat

Marshmallow Creme Classic

Our fluffy marshmallow cream is not only great for enhancing baked goods and sweets, but it also tastes heavenly on hot toast. Or would you prefer the American way? Then it has to be a marshmallow butter sandwich: simply spread one slice of toast with marshmallow cream and another with peanut butter, fold together, and enjoy!

C.M.C. The Food Company<sup>®</sup> Marshmallow Creme Classic product by C.M.C. The Food Company - Unsere fluffige Marshmallow-Creme eignet sich nicht nur besonders gut zum Verfeinern von Gebäck und Süßspeisen...

Marshmallow Creme Strawberry

A true delight at the breakfast table - our wonderfully airy strawberry cream crowns any toast. The marshmallow classic also enhances hot cocoa or cakes in a particularly delicious way.

C.M.C. The Food Company<sup>®</sup> Marshmallow Creme Strawberry product by C.M.C. The Food Company - Ein wahrer Genuss am Frühstückstisch
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