Jolly Time - knusprig leichter Maissnack® - C.M.C. The Food Company GmbH
Jolly Time - knusprig leichter Maissnack® - C.M.C. The Food Company GmbH

The pop star among delicacies

Crispy and light corn snack.

Jolly Time, the popcorn pioneer, has been producing the crispy and light corn snacks that are essential to every cinema or living room since 1914. Quickly prepared in the microwave, the cult snack offers snacking fun for the whole family in sweet, salty, or spicy variants.

Jolly Time M. Popcorn gezuckert

Microwaveable sweet popcorn for instant enjoyment during a movie night!
Jolly Time® is the very first American popcorn brand, established in 1914, so who could know more about popcorn than them? The best part is that this sweet treat can be prepared quickly and easily in the microwave, making it the perfect snack for a cozy movie night at home.

Jolly Time Popcorn Natural

Microwaveable salted popcorn
A blockbuster among salted popcorn. Fresh, warm, and crispy, this lightly salted popcorn snack can be enjoyed straight out of the microwave, making you feel like you're at the movies.

Jolly Time M. Popcorn Butter

Microwaveable salted butter-flavored popcorn>
A classic in the popcorn bowl. Jolly Time® offers its fans an exceptional and exquisite range of popcorn creations, including the combination of popcorn with salt and the taste of butter that perfects every party and TV night.

Jolly Time M. Popcorn Cheese

Microwave popcorn with cheese flavor
A different interpretation of popcorn! Some like it sweet, others prefer it savory. For the latter, the cheese popcorn snack is just right. Jolly Time® reinterprets the corn kernel and refines it with a spicy cheese taste.

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