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Remedy for your food

Hot sauces of the Dutch Raijmakers HeetmakersTM brand

The Raijmakers brothers combine spiciness and taste in their sauces and quickly conquered the hearts of all sauce fans with their ¨Medical Design¨. Because sharpness is the best medicine.

Brain Buzzer

The Brain Buzzer is the hottest sauce from Raijmakers HeetmakersTM™. This sauce with Carolina Reaper chillies (the hottest chili in the world) takes you to other realms. In addition to the tomato base, this sauce is rounded off by an extra portion of ginger.
Besides buzzing your brain, this sauce will add great flavor to foods such as rice and noodle dishes.
Raijmakers Spice Level: *****

Raijmakers<sup>®</sup> Brain Buzzer product by C.M.C. The Food Company GmbH - Der Brain Buzzer ist die schärfste Sauce aus dem Hause Raijmakers Heetmakers<sup>TM</sup>

Heat Enhancer

With the Raijmakers HeetmakersTM Heat Enhancer, the name says it all - here you will be heated up properly. In addition to a proud 30% habanero chili peppers, this sauce also contains smoky chipotle and a dash of whiskey for an unmistakable smoky-sweet taste.
This German Chili Award Best Hot Sauce 2019 winner is the ultimate cure for all of your meat and barbecue dishes, such as ribs, steaks and wings. Also goes well in stews.
Raijmakers Spice Level: ****

Raijmakers<sup>®</sup> Heat Enhancer product by C.M.C. The Food Company GmbH - Beim Raijmakers Heetmakers<sup>TM</sup> Heat Enhancer  ist der Name Programm


The Raijmakers HeetmakersTM Tranquilizer is a versatile and addictive hot sauce. It contains a great mix of our beloved habanero chillies and sweet potatoes. Topped off with paprika, carrots and limes to create a unique condiment for almost any dish.
Raijmakers Spice Level: ***

Raijmakers<sup>®</sup> Tranquilizer product by C.M.C. The Food Company GmbH
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