Stockyard<sup>®</sup> BBQ-Saucen im Deutschland - C.M.C. The Food Company GmbH
Stockyard<sup>®</sup> BBQ-Saucen in Deutschland - C.M.C. The Food Company GmbH

Go West!

Stockyard BBQ sauces reflect the taste history of authentic American barbecue. From the coast of the USA to South Carolina – barbecue lovers go wild for Stockyard. Stockyard offers various stages of palate tracking across the USA: seven types that give barbecue meat a touch of authentic American cuisine. Stockyard BBQ sauces excel in their unique combination of flavor contrasts that complement and not overpower the true character of the meat. Stockyard sauces should not be missing from a proper barbecue.

Stockyard Smoky Mustard BBQ Sauce

The secret to culinary enjoyment is mustard instead of tomatoes! This mustard-based barbecue sauce with a smoky flavor is based on the recipe of German immigrants. Instead of tomatoes, this sauce uses 15% Rotisseur mustard (spicy mustard) and brown sugar, making it the perfect match for pork, beef, and poultry.

Stockyard<sup>®</sup> Smoky Mustard Sauce product by C.M.C. The Food Company GmbH - Das Genuss-Geheimnis lautet Senf statt Tomaten!

Stockyard KC Pitmaster BBQ Sauce

A real winner among BBQ sauces! Brown sugar provides the pleasant sweetness, a little spicy mustard and a pinch of selected spices do the rest. If you glaze the roast or grilled food with it during the last minutes of cooking, it gets a seductive shine.

Stockyard<sup>®</sup> KC Pitmaster Sauce product by C.M.C. The Food Company GmbH - Ein echter Sieger unter den BBQ-Saucen! Brauner Zucker verschafft die angenehme Süße...

Stockyard Red Rasberry BBQ Sauce

It's called Sweet BBQ Baby! This BBQ sauce combines the aroma of selected spices, honey and a small pinch of chili peppers with delicious raspberries. With 18% fruit, this sauce is by no means spicy, but wonderfully fruity and is ideal with poultry, beef and pork. Also a pleasure as a glaze for the festive roast!

Stockyard<sup>®</sup> Red Rasberry Sauce product by C.M.C. The Food Company GmbH - Hier heißt es Sweet BBQ-Baby!

Stockyard Smoky Sweet BBQ Sauce

Smoke on the grill! The Smoky Sweet BBQ Sauce tastes typically smoky, but thanks to its high tomato content and the addition of brown sugar, it also has mild and fruity flavor nuances. It is also versatile in use: Whether with ribs, beef or chicken - you absolutely have to try this sauce.

Stockyard<sup>®</sup> Smoky Sweet Sauce product by C.M.C. The Food Company GmbH - Smoke on the Grill!

Stockyard Memphis Style BBQ Sauce

spicy and sour at the same time. This Stockyard BBQ Sauce owes its name to the taste preference for fruity and acidic notes in Memphis in the deep south of the USA. Here they favor the mild flavor of ingredients such as apple cider vinegar, brown sugar and a sophisticated combination of spices.

Stockyard<sup>®</sup> Memphis Red Sauce - C.M.C. The Food Company GmbH - Pikant und säuerlich zugleich

Stockyard Harvest Apple BBQ Sauce

An Apple the Day keeps the doctor away, goes a well-known saying. Stockyard has also taken this to heart and launched this unique sauce consisting of 13% apples, selected spices and brown sugar. Tastes great with all fried and grilled dishes.

Stockyard<sup>®</sup> Harvest Apple Sauce - C.M.C. The Food Company GmbH - An Apple the Day keeps the doctor away...
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