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Native American indulgence

For the gourmets among the cocoa fans

Irresistibly delicious, Swiss Miss is America's favorite cocoa. Incredibly chocolaty, hot and delicious - these are the three varieties Swiss Miss Chocolate with Marshmallows, Swiss Miss Chocolate and Swiss Miss Marshmallow Lovers. This gives cocoa lovers a very special treat, not only during the cold season. The American cult drink convinces with its full-bodied taste and prepares Mmmmm moments.

Swiss Miss Chocolate with Marshmallows

A particularly tasty
American way of life! Lean back, put your feet up, just relax - this works even better with a hot Swiss Miss cocoa,
and is refined with mini marshmallows and makes this moment of indulgence just perfect. Tip: First enjoy the cream
which forms on top of the
cocoa due to the marshmallows.

SwissMiss<sup>®</sup> Marshmallow product by C.M.C. The Food Company GmbH - Ein besonders wohlschmeckender

Swiss Miss Chocolate

It warms your heart! When it's freezing cold outside, this delicious Swiss Miss cocoa is especially good. In addition to comforting warmth, its fine chocolate aroma also ensures unforgettable moments of pleasure.

SwissMiss<sup>®</sup> Chocolate product by C.M.C. The Food Company GmbH - Da wird's einem warm ums Herz!

Swiss Miss Chocolate Marshmallows Lovers

A successful change in the cup! The unmistakable full-bodied chocolate taste and the extra portion of mini marshmallows make it so special. Whether at home in front of the fireplace or in the office in the afternoon - every moment of relaxation is a success with Swiss Miss Chocolate.

Tip: First enjoy the crema that forms on top of the cocoa from the marshmallows.

The trade can sell the delicious Swiss -Miss variants respond to an international trend: Swiss Miss is an American hit that many vacationers and fans in America like to take up at home. In this way, Swiss Miss promotes the generation of additional sales and appeals to new users.

SwissMiss<sup>®</sup> Marshmallow Lovers product by C.M.C. The Food Company GmbH - Eine gelungene Abwechslung in der Tasse!
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